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We appreciate it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest products and technology; so not everyone knows exactly what they need or want when it comes to renewable energy solutions. This is where Catch Energy can offer a comprehensive, engineer-led consultancy service across the world.

Our in-house team of specialists can assist you in looking objectively at your needs to develop the foundations of a scheme together. From collating data for feasibility studies, through to recommending the right product, installation and funding options, we are here to help. We are often advising clients on ways to enhance their schemes or to make proposals more commercially viable.

We offer a standard day rate and can provide consultancy remotely or with an on-site visit.  We are happy to work on projects where we are not being considered for the work or where a tender process is required. Although any clients that go on to purchase a scheme from us would have the consultancy fees credited.

Our consultancy team includes highly knowledgeable project managers, and is headed by a senior engineer with many years experience in project assessment and expert advise within the renewable energy market.

To find out more about our rates and to take advantage of a no obligation initial discussion about your specific project please get in touch.

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Our impartial, no-nonsense advice is likely to save tens of thousands on a sizable scheme, so getting a some assistance is bound to deliver huge benefits for you.

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